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Check this out. I would love to see what my fellow colleagues, artists and creative community thinks. Looks like more conservative and judgmental people have commented so far, but I think we can give them a run for their money with positive comments talking just about how art can transform a person. Body painting has been around since the dawn of man and is probably one of the first ways a person would express themselves other than body language and vocals. Thoughts? I am excited to see the show and maybe learn a few things myself…
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more info on the facebook link for those interested, read the whole thing, there is more to this than what you might think. 

I really want to encourage all of you artists out there doing body painting, makeup, special effects, cosplay and more to check out what people are saying about the show. Isn’t it about time we step past judging our bodies so much and seeing them as something that is a gift. Share your story and help inspire people to see what things are possible. 

NAtrani out in the backyard… What is she up to?

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