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You will also be able to find unique casting calls and opportunities to work with Bryan and his team here as well.
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Good news today!!! Confirmation regarding a sponsorship we have been working on that could lead to even bigger things. We are proud to announce the Bryan Crump and his team are now sponsored by Snazaroo, one of the world’s largest face and body paint suppliers. We are working on some fun projects to teach, entertain and perhaps even challenge you and ourselves to see what kind of creativity and accomplishments we are capable of. 

In other news, we will be making a presence at the Life In Color “World’s Largest Paint Party” event here in Oklahoma City with press pass and painted models. We are truly excited for the opportunities coming this way. 

Soon we will be looking for actors/actresses, dancers and models for upcoming projects. Make sure you are subscribed to notifications on the fanpage if you want to keep up to date on things. We will also be teaching classes and doing much more….

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